Please take a look at my current topics. All topics can be expanded and adapted for 45-minute keynotes, 90-minute breakout sessions, and 3-hour hands-on workshops. 

my work is transformation.

my people are the audacious souls who dare to bring their sacred work to life.

My message is freedom, liberation, and self-determination for all - no matter where we start out, no matter where we want to go, and no matter what befalls us along the way.

top keynotes


Dive Deep to Fly High: Grow into Audacious Leadership

Change is constant, relentless, and, for most people, terrifying. This is true for us no matter how much transition and change we have faced in our lives. With Live Into It, people learn: 

- The Seven Phases of Change 

- How to Leave in Love (leave old ways of being behind to allow transformation)

- How to Live in Love (build a new way of being)

- How to Lead in Love (moving into the next phase of growth and change with grace and wisdom)

- How to manage change for themselves and for others using their Three Brains (head, heart, guts)


Rekindle Your Passion: Burnout-proof Your Life and Organization

In our fast-paced world, people are constantly moving, doing more with less, and collecting achievement after achievement. 

But what happens when we pour ourselves without being refilled? We burnout. 

And burnout is serious business. In Rekindle Your Passion, people learn: 

- How to identify the signs of burnout and what to do about it

- How burnout drains our energy centers, bodily strength, and mental resilience (and what to do about it)

- How to build a burnout-proof life and organization


It's Not About You: Get Comfortable with Discomfort so You Can Build a Culture of Belonging

Those of us living in western cultures benefit from white supremacy every, single day. And yet, dismantling systems of oppression and racism comes with inherent cognitive and emotional challenges. 

It's Not About You is specifically designed for white audiences to help them learn: 

- How to recognize and address their own internalized biases without becoming defensive or centering themselves in the discussion

- How to approach discomfort with curiosity and an open heart and mind

- How to go beyond inclusion (inviting people to your table - where you still maintain power) to developing Cultures of Belonging (where the collective is elevated and power is shared)

other topics

Business Embodied: Get Your Business Out of Your Head and Into the World

How to Talk About What You Do to Launch (Normal) People Into Action

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I am pretty sure I have never wanted to say 'yes!' more than I do now.

I don't know how to put into words what working with you has meant. You have been a super positive influence on me in so many ways.

Thank you, Sarai!


 / Cella Lee, the Girl Who Belongs to Herself /