I help audacious souls and organizations bring their sacred work to life without burning out or selling out.

Sacred work is anything that comes from your heart - whether it's mission work, technology that makes the world better, healing work, or art, I want to help you birth it into the world.


who are my people? 

I work with Audacious Souls --- 

au·da·cious: "showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks."

So, if you're bold, daring, fearless, intrepid, brave, courageous, valiant, heroic, plucky, and perhaps a bit impertinent, insolent, cheeky, irreverent, and ready to take off your masks and step into your full, unapologetic, real self, you're my person. If that list of adjectives looks a little daunting, but you feel a little spark in your heart and gut when you see it, you're my person too - you're audacious deep down in there, so let's pull that part of you into the light! 

My audacious souls are people who might have found their places of belonging later in life - or are still building them. My audacious souls are people who have fought their battles and come to terms with who they are - or are ready to move toward that. My audacious souls are organizations who are relentlessly committed to building cultures of belonging that work for real, human people - not just for the management and executives.

My best clients are ready to take daring action, take risks, and let go of the familiar to get massive results in their lives, careers, and businesses. 

I especially love to partner with people who are aware of their intersectional identities (or would like to become aware of them), are willing to sit with their discomfort, learn to see fear and resistance as friends and teachers, and move ever forward - even when they have imperfect information. 

I work with people of all genders, and am especially delighted to work with people with nonbinary, gender nonconforming, trans, and woman and femme gender identities. 


here's how i do what i do:


I help you identify the old scripts you need to stop mindlessly acting out - Thoughts, behaviors, patterns, relationships, jobs, communities...all of these things can keep us small. I help you leave behind what no longer works for you, integrate the parts of yourself you may have abandoned, design a life you don't need to escape from, and rise to the occasion of leading others.

it's possible to let things go with love and peace while rising to your highest and best self - instead of burning out or burning shit down.

Learn More about how I can help you let go of old scripts to write new ones as your co-creatrix coach.

Coaching Specialties Include: 

Entrepreneurship/Business (Book Yourself Solid® Certified)

Transition (Personal and Professional)



Resilience and Clarity While Running for Office for Progressive, Woman-Identified or Queer Candidates (including Genderqueer, Nonbinary, Transgender and LGBTQIA+)

All coaching includes EverythingDiSC® assessment, and a 90-day plan to capture your specific goals. Coaching requires a 3-6 month minimum commitment to get your desired results.


If you need more than coaching, support, and co-creation, but could use help actually implementing some things, I am an experienced consultant. I work with Businesses, Entrepreneurs, nonprofits and social enterprises to help you deliver on your mission, make more money (and waste less), reduce turnover, and improve results.

Consulting Specialities Include:

Business Model Development

Organizational Transformation that works for real humans (Change Management) 

Program and Product Development (including revenue generating Programs for nonprofits)  

Curriculum Development (Particularly for the sale of Intellectual Property)

Culture of Belonging (Going beyond Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to embed belonging in our existence)

Strategic Playbook Development/Strategic Planning

Fund Diversification (for nonprofits)

Strategic Impact Assessment (Program Evaluation)

Grant:Magnet (for nonprofits)

Lean Startup/Lean Nonprofit process design and continuous improvement


Sharing through keynotes, workshops and facilitation is the most powerful way to share my message of empowerment, self-discovery, healing, and action. When I speak, people jump to their feet for their right "YES!" 

I help people see what is possible, that all the magic they need is already inside them, and how to make their dreams happen. I speak, I share, I shake it up. Inquire to Book Sarai here.

lean nonprofit

Nonprofits are businesses too, so run yours like a boss.

If you're a nonprofit leader, staffer or board member, you'll find a wealth of resources to help you make your mission real in the world in an incredible (measurable) way. While I limit my work with nonprofits these days, there’s still a blog chock-full of awesome nonsense, and some good chances to work with me so hit me up!

learn more - get in touch

Let's connect - if you're ready to shift something in your life and want to learn more directly from me about how I might be able to help you do that, just get in touch. I'm a regular human person - so you don't have to be afraid of reaching out to me and putting yourself out there. I'm here for it.

If you’d like to connect, book a quick call and we can chat! Please only book a call if you’re interested in discussing services and how we can work together - if you want to pick my brain, it’s not free, love (though I’d be happy to send you a link for a one-time laser coaching chat if that’s what you’re into):

Not feeling chatty? Shoot me a message here instead!


i'm enjoying working with sarai!

I chose to work with her because I believe in the effectiveness of the Book Yourself Solid® methodology, which she is trained in. Plus she's a veteran nonprofit consultant, so understands the business development process.

i've found her to be encouraging, positive and action-oriented.

I'm looking forward to more coaching and progress.


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