I am an expert at PowerPoint, adept at Prezi, and skilled at writing talks, delivering talks, and coaching and supporting others to deliver talks as well.


Lead in Love

A recent webinar conducted for the Nonprofit Leadership Summit with Wild Woman Fundraising covered how to lead in love - without being a pushover, and without conflict avoidance. Attendees learned how to move through the lifecycle of change and into a new and valuable way of leading.

Click on the image to the left (or below, on mobile) to view a silent video of the slide deck, which is built in PowerPoint.

How to Talk About What You Do
to Launch (normal) people into action

This workshop is my most popular live workshop. To allow more people to access it, I put it online in 2018. This Prezi is the foundation for the workshop videos in the online modules. Click the image on the right (or below on mobile) to access the Prezi online.

Mission Mirroring

This slide deck is created in PowerPoint and used for a webinar I delivered with Wild Woman Fundraising in August 2018. Click the image to see a silent video of the slide deck.