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Photo shoot from the campaign in collaboration with Bike Friday

Photo shoot from the campaign in collaboration with Bike Friday

How to Build Tiny Email Campaigns

In 2017, I worked with a project called “How to Build Tiny” to launch a crowdfunding campaign for an online and in-person tiny house building training program.

The campaign included a series of events, landing pages, giveaways, and email sequences that I designed, managed, and sent to an audience of over 1000 people who joined the mailing list, attended events, and supported the campaign.

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How to Build Tiny Events

To promote the crowdfunding campaign, we held a kickoff event, where we hoped to meet 10% of our goal. We exceeded that in the first day, and were off to a strong start. I worked with the client to design an event, recruit co-promoters and partners, and designed postcards and online tools to amp the attendance. We had more than 400 people at the first event, and even more at the second event.

While the crowdfunding minimum wasn’t met, we did manage to raise a huge amount of interest and support in the local community. We were delighted by the turnout to these events, and pleased with the results we saw as a result of holding them.


How to Build Tiny Press Release

To stimulate national interest in the campaign, I created a press release and distributed it through PR Web.