* alchemy & audacity *


my work is transformation.


I help audacious leaders transform their lives, work, and businesses without burning out or selling out.


Are you (or someone you love - like, your boss, for instance, or even your whole organization) hitting a leadership plateau? That is, have you done a pretty darn good job building your career, business, or organization so far…but…lately, something’s kind of amiss. The things you used to do to get through challenges simply don’t work like they usually do. You might feel like you’re bumping into a glass ceiling that just won’t crack or, worse, bonking your head again and again on a brick wall that doesn’t seem to budge. If this is you, cool. You’re in a good place - and you have so much opportunity to grow and transform from here.

If you’re ready to stop doing the same things (that don’t work) over and over again, and you want to find a way to grow through your plateau, let’s get you rocking. You don’t have to be stuck, frustrated, burned out, or otherwise stymied by the things other people say you should do or be. You can write your own script and forge your own path - and you don’t have to do it alone. Think of me as a friendly hiking buddy who happens to have gotten lost in the woods a time too many and figured out how to blaze a trail when the trail I was on turned out to belong to someone else. Your path won’t be the same as mine - and that is awesome. I can help you find it for yourself as you uncover all the magic that is already inside you and all around you. Let’s do some alchemy together and turn the lead of this leadership plateau into the gold of becoming who you are meant to be.

Whether you’re looking for an inspiring, action-focused speaker for your next event, need a coach to help you move through your leadership journey with new vigor and joy, or you’re looking for a consultant to help you transform your business into all it can be, I’m here for it.

if you’re ready to get audacious, let’s do this. Here are a couple teeny talks to spark your inner rebel.

Watch: Leave in Love

Learn more about Leave in Love - so you can leave behind situations, patterns, and beliefs that don’t serve you without burning out or burning sh*t down.

Watch: How to Use Your Three Brains

We all have three brains - head, heart, and gut - but in western culture, we really only listen to the head brain. This short talk introduces your three brains and shares how you can access the two-thirds of your wisdom that has most likely been locked away for some time.