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Beta Test Opportunity Through August 31, 2017

Burnout Resilience Training

Burnout is a natural thing that happens when we pour our energy into something that doesn't feed us back. We end up losing our power over time, and often, we don't notice until we are burned out entirely. And burnout is no joke.

I'm launching a course that will help you build personal resilience and strength healing from burnout. 

Burnout recovery can't be rushed - and neither can resilience training. It's just like anything else worth doing - it takes time, effort, and a lot of patience. You, my dear, are worth the time. 

To participate in the beta test, all you have to do is trade your time and input for access to the course. It's no $$$ cost to you -- and you'll get to help other people benefit from your willingness to participate and share your experiences with my experimental burnout resiliency and recovery methods. Don't miss out! 




Take the Leap from Here to Amazing.

I help People get more freedom.

Whether you need help with your career, or your life, I'm here to help you find your way forward.

Every moment you live and breathe is a moment of opportunity. It is an infinite choice for you to make.

Will you keep doing what you're doing right now, today?

  • Feeling harassed by the expectations other people put on you?
  • Feeling burned out, or pretty damn close to it?
  • Realizing your reactions to circumstances around you look a lot more like learned helplessness than the proactive responses of the transformative leader you know you are?
  • Pouring yourself into (or avoiding at all costs) relationships at home and at work that are harming and hurting you – when they used to provide joy and inspiration?
  • Feeling you never have enough time, money, health or happiness – but you keep telling yourself “it’s going to get better in a few months after [fill in the blank] is over. Then I’ll be OK. Then I’ll be happy.”

Be honest: Is this really working for you?

Or will you wake yourself up to your perfect opportunity?

Will you act in this exact moment that has your destiny written all over it? Will you decide to step up and out and into your truth?

What if you could:

  • Make clear and confident choices to create a life that you actually want to wake up to every single day?
  • Find freedom and fulfillment in your vocation?
  • Renew your energy, feel fully aligned within yourself – your values, your personality, your talents and skills – and you could apply all this to your purposeful work?
  • Create and live up to your own expectations for yourself, rather than trying desperately to conform to what you imagine other people want from you?
  • Build and maintain relationships that are life-giving?
  • Reclaim your personal power and live to your full potential?
  • Let go of your worries and lack around money, time, health and happiness and accept all the goodness that is available to you instead?

What if you could be completely committed, whole-hearted and connected where you are today? 

When you decide you're ready to make the leap from where you are today, to wherever "amazing" is for you, let me know.

I've done it, and it has changed everything.

I'd like to help you get there too. Life is for the living and you have a lot of living yet to do. Let's get started.

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On March 16, 2017, I was honored to debut my work around leaving in love at the Eugene Chamber of Commerce Women Business Leaders luncheon. After about two years of mulling over what the process of leaving looks and feels like, I put it together in this talk - where I scratch the surface of what it means to leave well (or stay wholeheartedly). 

We leave things all the time - big things, and small things. Leaving can mean letting go of relationships, communities, religions, jobs & careers, and identities we once held dear. It can be as simple as choosing to leave behind old ways of behaving and being - to let go of patterns and ways we once thought. 

The idea behind leaving is love is allowing the process of leaving to truly transform us and our lives, while we honor ourselves and others by making wholehearted, conscientious decisions about our lives. Leaving isn't always easy, but it can be a powerful way to step into who you're meant to be, and into the life you truly want to live. 

I'm working on a book on this topic, and am working on collecting stories from people who have left, are leaving, or are thinking about leaving. If you would like to share your story, or are willing to be interviewed, please contact me.

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For more info about Leave in Love...

See the Leave in Love website. 

Life Challenges Everyone...

The question is: When your challenge comes, what will you do about it? Who will you choose to become? How openly will you stay true to your authentic self - while rising to the occasion to become the best you can be?

You have Two real choices in moments of crisis and transition:

You can get smaller and stay where you are, or expand and grow - going wherever that decision might take you.

What's it gonna be?

Change isn't easy, but it's the only way to transform lives, businesses and the world. Your ability to adapt and change - your commitment to personal, professional, and leadership development - is critical to your ability to rise to the occasion to make the world a better place. 

That's Why I work With People Like You To Get you Unstuck So You Can Soar with Success

People who are working hard and finding they have to work even harder just to keep up. People who are feeling burned out or damn near close to it. People who know they have the potential - NO! - the ability to be great leaders, but are stuck and don't know why. People who feel trapped in relationships that once were lively, but now feel like a toxic energy suck. Organizations with great missions but lagging results and draining cultures. You're my people.

I work with people and organizations at the cusp of transformation. You want to be amazing? Good. You have to make some choices. Let's figure out what choices need to be made, how to make them, and how to move forward.

You can start today. 

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